Due to blocking in Ukraine, please, deny usage of such email services as mail.ru, inbox.ru, list.ru, bk.ru, mail.ua, yandex.ru, . We recommend to use gmail.com, yahoo.com, ukr.net, outlook.com as your main email service

Safety certificate

Portmone.com uses an industrial standard SSL-encryption with strong cryptography algorithm (key length — 256 bit) for the information exchange with your computer. Session encryption keys are generated using the safety certificate of your Web server. This certificate is verified by the international certification agency GeoTrust, which is trusted by default by Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Microsoft browsers.

To learn more about our safety certificate click on a padlock icon on any secure page of Portmone.com in the right lower corner of your browser.

You will be asked for the number of your card only once to have it registered. During the registration you assign a name to your card — you will later use it for payments. Even if someone finds the name without your permission, they will not be able to use it in Portmone.com or any other stores.