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When making a payment to the budget (taxes, fees, etc.), the Payer's name and personal identification number fields must contain the taxpayer's data.
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Commission 1.52% at least 3 UAH for utility payments and payments to the budget.
Commission 2% at least 2 UAH for all other categories.

Transfer of funds is carried out on the next business day. Enrollment to the S/a of the beneficiary - for three working days (usually within 24 hours). The payment refund is granted in case of payment rejection.

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    Why we don't ask for CVV code

    Why we don't ask for CVV code

    Tokenization is a new secure payment technology from Visa and MasterCard that replaces sensitive account information such as a 16-digit payment card number with a unique digital identifier called a token. The token allows payments to be processed without disclosing actual account details. Tokenization technology from Visa and MasterCard is used in ApplePay and GooglePay.

    Payments with tokens are considered more secure, since the real PAN card does not take part in the payment and the token is created for a specific merchant, therefore International payment systems and acquiring banks make token payments without checking the CVV code.

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