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   How to pay by bank details?

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Commission 1.5% + 3 UAH (only for the utility category)

Commission 2% + 4 UAH (for the rest of categories)

Transfer of funds is carried out on the next business day. Enrollment to the S/a of the beneficiary - for three working days (usually within 24 hours). The payment refund is granted in case of payment rejection.

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How can I pay my invoice?

To pay the invoice by bank details, it is enough to choose the category of payment, fill in several lines of information (EDRPOU, name and beneficiary's IBAN account) and enter the data for payment. You can make payments using Mastercard, Visa, as well as PROSTIR NPC of any bank in Ukraine. Before payment, carefully check if the information is specified correctly.

How do I change a payment if I made a mistake?

If you entered incorrect data, you have the opportunity to cancel the payment and make it again. This option is available only on the day the payment was made. To do this, you need to write an email to [email protected]. ATTENTION! If incorrect details are entered when making a payment, the commission paid by the Client for the services of Raiffeisen Bank Aval is non-refundable.

How to cancel a payment?

Write an email to [email protected] with a certain request.

Why was my payment canceled?

Most often this is happening when the beneficiary's details are entered improperly or incompletely. Please, verify the information and repeat the payment by bank details again. If there will be any problems, please contact our support team.

How quickly the fundsare credited to the account?

The funds are credited to the beneficiary’s account within three working days, excluding the day of payment. In most cases, cash is received within 24 hours.

How to accelerate the process of money transfer?

Unfortunately, we can not influence the speed of money transfer.

What are the limits for making payments?

15 000 UAH per day can be transferred to a bank account with a commission included. If you are interested in a larger amount of money, we recommend to divide it into several parts and make another payment the next day.
Please note: your bank may have restrictions on the transactions via the Internet. To change these limits, you need to contact your financial institution.

Is auto payment available for this service?

At the moment, automatic payment of the account by bank details is not available.

I saved the template, how to pay it?

Log in to your account and open the section "Balances in companies". There you can find the saved template and pay for it.

I saved the template, but I am not receiving the invoices

The system can not create invoices by bank details. You can pay this invoice with a bank card at any time in the "Balances in Companies" section.

Do I have to pay a commission if I am using the "Month" plan?

Payment of the invoice by bank details is not included in the"Month" pricing plan. However, we recommend checking the availability of your company in the services catalog. To do this, enter the name of the organization in the search bar. More about your pricing plan you can find in the “Pricing Plans” section.

Why there are other requisites of the recipient in the receipt for successful payment?

At the top of your receipt the bank details of the acquirer, not the payee are dispayed. The details of your payment are indicated in the table under the phrase "Paying the account with free requisite details". Bank-acquirer is a service organization that organizes payment cards and carries out a complex of operations related to the execution of payments and settlements with bank cards at these points.

What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - international bank account number by the standard No. 13166 of the International Organization for Standardization ISO and the European Committee for Banking Standards ECBS.

What does IBAN look like?

IBAN account consists of 29 alphanumeric characters.

For example: UA хх yyyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, where:

  • UA - country code
  • xx - control number generated by the bank
  • yyyyyy - MFO of bank
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - account number (up to 12.01.2020 can consist of 5-14 characters, and from 13.01.2020 - from 5-19 characters)

What to do to change accounts on IBAN?

Nothing. All responsibilities for the formation and opening of new accounts in the IBAN format are assigned to the bank. The bank also notifies GSFU own to close the previous account.

How to find out your new IBAN account?

Expect notification from the bank where your account is opened. Or contact their support service yourself.