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Secure data transfer

PCI DSS certificate

To ensure security Portmone.com complies with an international standard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Рortmone is the first company in Ukraine that has successfully passed international safety audit for compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements and received a certificate № 499938160140108, issued by the German company SRC (Security Research and Consulting GmbH).

SRC is an independent audit company that ensures compliance with all safety requirements (Mastercard Site Data Protection and VISA Account Information Security), established by main payment systems VISA and Mastercard.


Safety audit entails the following:

  • Portmone.com network resources are scanned quarterly for any security vulnerabilities;
  • Independent auditors make an annual security and safety testing at the company office.


Compliance with PCI DSS standard includes:

  • clear general security policy of the company;
  • reliable encryption of secure data and its network transfer only in encrypted form;
  • data access control rules based on official functions and competence;
  • clear requirements to software development, testing and introduction;
  • regular system scans to find and fix vulnerabilities;
  • efficient antivirus programs for system and data protection.


To exchange information with users Portmone.com uses commersial standard of SSL-cryptography (the key length to 128 bits). Certificate issued by international certification agency Thawte Consulting.

Also Portmone.com developed and stricktly follows the rules
«of Security Policy».