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Cashback is about saving money

Cash back literally translates as a refund. In fact, this is a refund of part of the funds for online purchases. The percentage of cashback can reach 25%, that's why this is a great way to save a quarter of the cost.

Cashback is your money in the system. Not points linked to promotions, not bonuses that can only be paid in limited locations or for certain products. Cashback is credited to the balance in your personal account and is available for paying commissions and paying for using the “Month” tariff. In other words, thanks to cashback, all services become free.

Profitable for everyone

How does it work? It's very simple. We agree with online stores or financial institutions that for each transaction made through our service, they will return a certain percentage of the amount. Then we share this amount with you. This way the company that provides services or products gets customers, you get cashback, and we get commission on payment.

For example, you can get cashback after paying off loans, paying for TV, buying games, and even making transfers from Europe.

How to get cashback

  1. Sign up for the service or log in to your account.
  2. Go to the section "Payments with cashback".
  3. Select a service or product and pay for it.
  4. The company will inform us about the purchase and return some of the funds.
  5. We will transfer the cashback to your account.

The number of our partners who offer cashback is constantly growing. And we are sure that the number of clients will also increase. After all, even if it sounds strange, but it turns out that you can earn on your expenses.