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Are you looking for a quick and hassle-free way to top up your bank card or make a money transfer from Europe? With Portmone, you don't have to look for a terminal and waste time in a queue: the operation is available from anywhere, wherever you are. To top up, you only need a device with Internet access and a sufficient amount in the account.

Customers of our service can easily top up a card without a card, without even taking out the payment instrument from the wallet. You can transfer money to the cards of the following financial institutions:

  • OTP Bank;
  • Raiffeisen Bank;
  • FUIB;
  • Savings Bank;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • Ukrgasbank;
  • PrivatBank;
  • Monobank and others.

How to put money on a card online through Portmone

  1. In the "Transfer from card to card" block, enter the recipient's card number and the amount, then click the "Transfer" button.
  2. Enter your card details (number, CVV and expiry date).
  3. If necessary, activate the "Notify the recipient by SMS" function.
  4. Get acquainted with the commission amount of the Portmone service.
  5. Enter the e-mail address to which the receipt will be sent (if you make the transfer without registering on the site).
  6. Click the "Transfer" button.

Do you want to deposit money using the card number of a certain bank? Follow the algorithm:

  1. Select the icon of the desired financial company from the list.
  2. Enter the recipient's card number, amount and payment comment (optional).
  3. Click the "Pay" button.
  4. On the page, enter the sender's email and account number. Registered clients can choose a card from the list saved in their personal account.
  5. Confirm the payment by clicking the appropriate button.

Please note that transfers are possible only between cards of Ukrainian banks. Holders of Visa, Mastercard and NPS "Prostir" cards can use the function.

Regardless of which method you choose, the specified amount is credited to the card in just a few minutes. The maximum waiting period for the transfer of funds by the recipient's bank is 24 hours (less than 3% of cases). If the funds were sent by mistake, contact the issuer with a request for return and a receipt.

In addition, our clients can make a transfer to Ukraine from a European country, transfer money using details (account number and personal identification number), as well as create a request to receive funds on a card.

Bank card top-up fee

With Portmone, you save on your budget because the service fee is minimal. Most often, it is 1% of the amount + UAH 5. Registered users making online purchases through Portmone can pay for our company's services with bonus points received through the Cashback program.

Transfers to the accounts of some financial institutions are made without additional payments: you can clarify the information on the card top-up page by number. Note that the issuing bank may charge an additional fee.

Are there limits when topping up the card?

There are restrictions on fund transfer operations between cards of Ukrainian banks. From one account you can transfer:

  • one payment — up to UAH 25,000;
  • per day - no more than UAH 75,000;
  • within a month - up to UAH 150,000.

The maximum transfer amount from Europe is 850 EUR or 3700 PLN per month. During this period, no more than 15 transfers can be made to the account of one recipient or funds can be sent in one transaction.

Also, a general limit has been set for Ukrainian and European cards: up to 10 transfers can be made from one account during the day, up to 25 in a month.

Topping up a bank card through Portmone is fast and convenient

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