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The amount of fees for services Kievoblgaza via the Internet is constantly growing (24.01.2013)


The amount of fees for services Kievoblgaza via the Internet is constantly growing

Statistics of 2012 has shown a significant increase of people paying their natural gas or power bills online.

In particular, a number of Kievoblgaz bills paid online has been increasing constantly and currently amounts to 1,5 thousand each month.

Moreover, there is a 30% growth of online payments for Kievoblgaz services every month.

Online payments are especially popular among people who have a house or a cottage near Kiev while they work at the office in the capital. The advantage of those payments is that they are efficient, fast and simple as well as that Portmone.com works 24/7. Now people don't have to waste their office hours standing in line at a bank to make a payment, and they don't have to travel to a dedicated bank for that as well.

A very important advantage of online payments is that there are no fees for these payments and paper receipts can be delivered by mail to prove the payment.

In order to have customers pay their natural gas bills on time, Portmone.com provides a 2% cashback to all customers, who paid Kyivoblgaz bills online at www.portmone.com.ua, using their Delta-Portmone.com card. Click here to read more.

These joint efforts of Kievoblgaz and Portmone.com support the development of modern and innovative bill payments in Ukraine.