Due to blocking in Ukraine, please, deny usage of such email services as mail.ru, inbox.ru, list.ru, bk.ru, mail.ua, yandex.ru, . We recommend to use gmail.com, yahoo.com, ukr.net, outlook.com as your main email service

Internet users use Portmone.com with no funds on their accounts (18.01.2013)


Internet users of major Ukrainian providers can now use Portmone.com website with no funds on their accounts

Starting from now, Internet users can always add money to their Internet accounts and pay for various services at any convenient time, even if the connection is off for non-payment. This option is a chance to fix the problem in the shortest time and make sure that the Internet connection is on again.

Providers that give access to Portmone.com website with no funds on the account:

  • Kyivstar
  • MTS
  • MIIT
  • Volia
  • Vega
  • Freshtel
  • O3 (Freenet)
  • Lucky Net
  • Nash-Net
  • Rusanovka-Net
  • Sunline.net.ua
  • Lanet
  • Proline
  • Telehaus
  • TeNeT
  • Telegroup Ukraine