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Pohashennia kredytu v PryvatBanku in Kyiv

Full name of the borrower in the Ukrainian language

Commission 1% min 10 UAH

Transaction is executed within 3 business days. We advise you to repay the loan one week before the scheduled date of payment.

When paying with a Privatbank card, an additional commission from the side of the bank may be withheld at a rate of 0.5% for a minimum of UAH 5.

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Portmone.com - a national online transfer and payment service, offers its users the option of online repayment of a Privatbank loan. This means that in order to make the next payment or complete repayment of the loan, you no longer need to spend time searching for self-service terminals or the nearest branch of the Bank. All you need is a payment card of any Ukrainian bank and details for which you need to make a payment.