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We`re giving certificates of 1000 UAH! (23.02.2018)


26.02.2018 - 26.03.2018
We`re celebrating and giving presents! 16 participants of the promo will receive certificates worth 1000 UAH for the purchase of goods in the network of hardware and electronics stores.

We`re celebrating and giving presents!

On February 26 our company turned 16 years old. All this year you stayed with us, and for this we are incredibly grateful to you. Despite the fact that the birthday marks the Portmone, gifts * will be received by the users of the service.

About gifts

We thought for a long time that you might find it useful, and chose electronic certificates with a value of 1,000 UAH. The certificate can be used to purchase goods in the stores of the Comfy network. In total, 16 such certificates will be drawn.

How to get a certificate?

To take part in the drawing of electronic certificates, you must:

  • From 26.02.2018 to 26.03.2018 inclusive top up the mobile phone account on the site portmone.com (це можна зробити тут);
  • Register on portmone.com;
  • Specify the phone number or e-mail in the personal data section.
Winners will be determined on March 27 randomly. More details about the rules of promo can be found here.

* under the gift means the purchase of the certificate for 0.01 UAH.