From May 1, will be charged a penalty for late payment of utilities (06.05.2019)


05/01/2019 in Ukraine, the law “On Housing and Communal Services” came into force, according to which Ukrainians will be charged a penalty in the amount of 0.01% of the outstanding amount for each day of overdue payment for late payment of utilities. Penalty charging starts from the first working day following the last day of the boundary period for payment of fees for LCD services (that is, after the 20th day of each month), and its maximum value cannot exceed 100% of the total debt. The penalty will not be accrued if there are state debts for the benefits and subsidies provided to the population, as well as in the case that the consumer provides evidence of wage arrears.

In addition, the utility service provider (except for the supply / distribution of electricity and natural gas) may limit / terminate the provision of its services to the consumer if the debt is not fully repaid for the consumed utilities within 30 days from the day of receiving the warning from the contractor.

In order to avoid accrual of penalties for late receipt of funds to the utility contractor, we recommend registering and paying bills through This will also allow:

  • make payment of bills online regardless of its location;
  • receive electronic bills a few days before receiving a paper receipt;
  • to guarantee the fastest possible crediting of funds to the account of the utility company;
  • set up SMS / email notification of receipt of new accounts;
  • transfer meter readings without leaving home.

And having installed a mobile application, it will become even easier and more comfortable to use all the services and benefits of the service.


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Customer Support Portmone Business:

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