Dear clients!

Pleased, add a payment card to the Masterpass Wallet in your Personal Cabinet and top up all Ukrainian mobile operators numbers with the fixed commission in 1 hryvna till the 30.06.2018!

Who can use this action proposal?
All new customers who will make a registration during the proposal period, and all existing at the proposal beginning date customers who will follow the next steps until June 30th, 2018:

Is it necessary to make extra settings for payments, or to enter additional passwords or promo-codes to make payments?
No. The Masterpass Wallet will be continuously available in the list of your payment methods after you add it once and enter the OTP-password from the sms. The action terms will be available immediately after you pass the described procedure. The only thing we recommend you to pay an attention, please, be sure that you selected the Masterpass Wallet as a primary payment method, because the action proposal works only when you use Masterpass Wallet as a primary payment method.

Action proposal short terms:

  • 1. The registration period to participate in the action ends on June 30th, 2018;
  • 2. Action validity period for the registered customers starts from the registration date and ends on 30.06.2018, or until all promotional transactions exhausted;
  • 3. Promotional transactions - is the tariff offer for registered customers to top up mobile phone numbers using templates in a Personal Cabinet on with a fixed commission of 1 hryvna per each top up;
  • 4. The number of action transactions limit is 300,000 top ups and could be exhausted up to 30.06.2018. That depends entirely on the participants’ payment activity;
  • 5. One transaction sum could not exceed 500 UAH (otherwise payment will be made on standard terms);
  • 6. Total sum of top ups for one mobile number cannot exceed 2000 UAH. Standard top up tariffing terms will be used when the sum exceeds the monthly charging limit;
  • 7. The maximum number of different templates with unique phone numbers is five. Removal and re-creating a template with the same phone number will be considered as action terms violation and could lead to a customer's disabling from action proposal;
  • 8. Detailed action proposal terms and tariffs you can find by clicking this link.

Thank you for choosing

* Masterpass - is the digital wallet that allows you to store any payment system or bank card and to pay only in one click. Masterpass reliability and payment safety is guaranteed by highest Mastercard standards.


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Customer Support Portmone Business:

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ic_location Stepan Bandera ave, 16-B, Makros Mall, 04073, Kyiv, Ukraine