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Special offer! Sign up and pay recurrent payments without fees during the first 30 days* with us!

*New signed up users could pay for the first 30 days without commission utility bills, landline phone, internet and TV (exept payments by company's bank details).
The standart tariffs is established by the end of 30 days.


Choose the tariff plan that suits you best:


Best for paying for services 1 – 3 companies

For all users


Best for paying for services more than 3 companies

For registered

Public utilities services 0,5 – 1,5%*
minimum 3 UAH
0,00 UAH
Internet 0 – 2%* 0,00 UAH
Security Without commission 0,00 UAH
TV, Land line phone 0 – 2%* 0,00 UAH
Fixed fee for one month 0,00 UAH

19,90 UAH

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Detailed information about delivery of receipts

* the commission amount will be displayed as soon as the company been chosen