Due to blocking in Ukraine, please, deny usage of such email services as mail.ru, inbox.ru, list.ru, bk.ru, mail.ua, yandex.ru, . We recommend to use gmail.com, yahoo.com, ukr.net, outlook.com as your main email service



Choose the tariff plan that suits you best:


Best for paying for services 1 – 3 companies

For all users


Best for paying for services more than 3 companies

For registered

Public utilities services 0,5 – 1,5%*
minimum 3 UAH
0,00 UAH
Internet 0 – 2%* 0,00 UAH
Security Without commission 0,00 UAH
TV, Land line phone 0 – 2%* 0,00 UAH
Fixed fee for one month 0,00 UAH

19,90 UAH

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Detailed information about delivery of receipts

* the commission amount will be displayed as soon as the company been chosen