Portmone.com has launched voice menu phone payments (IVR) (17.01.2013)


Portmone.com has launched voice menu phone payments (IVR)

Interbank system for bills payment and delivery Portmone.com has launched a new service – now you can use your Visa or MasterCard to pay for mobile phone, Internet or cable TV using an automated voice menu (IVR) at (044) 200-09-08.

To make a payment, call (044) 200-09-08 and follow voice instructions to enter payment details. In case you need electronic or paper receipt to be mailed to your postal address,

it is available to order at www.portmone.com.

Main benefits:

  • you don’t need PC or Internet connection to make a payment
  • payments can be made anywhere and any time – all you have to do is call (044) 200-09-08
  • payments to most providers are made free of charge
  • immediate accrual of funds
  • call cost according to the rates of your provider for calling to a land line phone
  • payments for mobile communication, Internet connection and TV