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International transfers with Visa

Enter payment card details
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You can send money from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and other countries. See more



Transfer amount, UAH
Amount to be debited:
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The recipient’s data

Which countries can I transfer money from?

You can send money from Austria, Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Portugal. We are working to expand this list.

Which cards can be used for the transfer?

Transfer can be sent from Visa cards that support 3D Secure technology.

How fast the receiver can get the money?

In most cases, money is transferred within a few minutes. In very rare cases (less than 3%), the transfer is completed within 24 hours.

What currency can be transferred?

Отправитель указывает сумму, которая должна быть зачислена получателю в гривне. При этом с карты отправителя будет списана сумма в валюте его карты по курсу платежной системы Visa.

What are the fees?

Payment provider charges the sender’s card 2,5% fee. You can make transfers with no fees till October 31st.

Do I have to sign up to make a transfer?

No, you don't have to log in or sign up to make a transfer.

What recipient data will be required?

Recipient’s name, last name, the card number, and the phone number.

Are there any restrictions?

These restrictions are introduced for security reasons:

  • Maximum transfer amount:

    one transaction - 6 250 UAH

    daily limit - 12 500 UAH

    monthly limit - 62 500 UAH

  • The maximum number of transfers:

    daily limit - no more than 3

    weekly limit - up to 10 (inclusive)

    monthly limit - up to 15 (inclusive)

Why do I have to specify the sender’s number and e-mail?

It will be used to notify you about the successful transfer.