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International transfers with Visa

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Transfer amount
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6865.00 UAH(with commission 2.5%).
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  1. Transfer can be sent from Visa cards that support 3D Secure technology;
  2. The speed of transfer of funds depends on the speed of the transaction carried out by the issuing bank of the Payer's card and is in most cases within a few minutes; in some cases (less than 5%), the transfer of money to the Recipient's card is carried out within 24-72 hours from the successful completion of the transfer operation by the Payer;
  3. The fee for making a payment is 2.5% of the transfer amount and is charged from the Payer's card together with the principal amount of payment in UAH;
  4. The service is provided round the clock. The calculated amount of write-off from the Payer's card in foreign currency depends on the current hryvnia rate at the time of the payment completion which is calculated by the Visa payment system, and the commission of the card issuing bank;


  1. The maximum amount of one transfer is 10 000 UAH (370 USD at the rate of the NBU current as of February 28, 2017);
  2. The daily limit of the number of transfers – no more than five;
  3. The maximum amount of transfers from one card per day is 20 000 UAH (740 USD at the rate of the NBU current as of February 28, 2017)

Advantages of online money transfers from abroad to cards of Ukrainian banks

  1. You do not need to visit banks abroad and fill out a lot of documents – payments are made online 24 hours a day without the need to provide paper documents or their scans;
  2. Do not wait long for the transfer to Ukraine – funds are credited almost instantly;
  3. You do not need to get permission to transfer the currency – transfers through Portmone are completely safe and comply with the legislation of Ukraine;

How transfer money between cards?

Transfer of funds is possible on Visa and Mastercard cards from Ukrainian banks from Visa cards issued by any financial institution in Europe or the CIS, and supporting 3D Secure technology.

To successfully transfer between cards, you need to:

  • Fill in the details of the Payer (16 digits of the card number on the front side, the validity period of the card (month and year) and CVV-code (3-last digits on the back of the card), Payer's name, Payer's country, address of the actual Payer's residence, Payer's phone number, Payer's email)
  • Fill in the requisites of the Recipient (16 digits of the card number on the front side)
  • send a comment (name and telephone number of the Recipient)
  • specify transfer amount

Transfer receipt

The receipt is automatically provided to the Payer's email address, which is specified in the field