Create a request to receive a money transfer to your card

Transfer request is a polite way to remind your friends or relatives about money transfer for you.

Over the past three years, has won the award ”The best service of money transfer between cards” at PaySpace Magazine Awards. Few people know, but to using a resource you can not only transfer, but also receive money on a card in real-time. This is an incredibly convenient service for those who don’t want to share their card details for money transfer and who want to make life easier for the sender of money.

How to get money to the card?

A money transfer request is formed in several steps. To do this you need to:

  1. Enter the 16 digits of the recipient's bank card.
  2. Amount of transfer: from 1 to 25000 UAH
  3. Specify the message (optional), which will be displayed in the request. Click on the "Get link" button.
  4. Click on the "Get link" button.

The formed link can be sent to any messenger or via SMS. It’s enough for the sender to open the link, enter the bank card details and confirm the transfer.

The link has a certain lifespan, so if the sender delays with the transfer, the link will have to be re-formed.

On the same page you can send a request for money by mail. To do this, the recipient must know the sender's e-mail. A letter with a link to the money transfer is sent instantly, so immediately after sending the letter, the sender can follow the link and make a transfer.

Pay all bills online system is not only about transfer and receipt of money, it’s also the largest non-banking online payment service. Here you can do the following payment of utility bills, mobile phone, Internet and television balance, subscribe to a magazine and even issue a MTPL Insurance. It’s a reliable assistant in solving your everyday financial purposes. Payments can be made both using a desktop version of the site, and a mobile app.

You can familiarize yourself with the service commission on the "Tariffs" page.


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