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Loans for small and medium-sized businesses

Loans for small and medium-sized businesses are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business from scratch, even without starting capital.

Today, it is very easy to open your own business. Banks are showing increasing interest in further developing SMB, because it is a fast-growing segment of the economy that is profitable in conditions of financial or political instability. In addition, it is the basis of the state's economy. Therefore, banks are willing to issue loans for business, even competing in this market, reducing rates and improving conditions.

By the way, the Verkhovna Rada has provided for the allocation of 2 billion UAH in this year's budget for loans for business under a special new state program. In addition, it supported the government's draft law on a new state program for lending to small businesses.

Service prepared offers of business loans from our partners. You can choose the best options and apply for a business loan via the Internet at any time.

Small business

A small business loan will allow you to turn your ideas into a favorite business that will ensure your financial independence.

Small businesses are understood as individuals (IE) and legal entities (LLC), where the average number of employees does not exceed 50 people, and the annual income is 10 million euros.

Small businesses need to upgrade their fixed assets, and this is often impossible without attracting credit. Lending to small businesses becomes its support and almost the only means for the survival of their own business.

Credit for individual entrepreneurs

If you are trying to expand your company, you should pay attention to the credit for individual entrepreneurs. This credit is provided for various expenses: purchase of equipment, transport, or current expenses.

On the service, you can find the best options for making an online loan for private entrepreneurs, find the lowest rates and special conditions for individual entrepreneurs, taking into account offers without collateral and guarantors.

Credit for LLC

If you want to reduce taxes, take a loan as an individual entrepreneur. If you intend to scale your business, earning more - your choice should be LLC. It is more difficult to work in the LLC form: more documents for registration and higher taxes, but you will get a current account without any problems, you will be able to enter into contracts with legal entities and be responsible with co-founders separately.

Accordingly, the terms of granting loans are different. You can use the service to choose the loan option for your small business that suits you best.

Medium business

If you have several hundred jobs , you have a medium-sized business. This means that you will be offered more substantial amounts of loans to develop and scale your business. You can count on the best terms and preferential terms of loans.

On the service, you can choose the best option for lending to medium-sized businesses and bring it to a new level.

Purpose of credit

Assigning a loan is a way to spend credit funds. The amount and interest rate largely depends on the purpose. Such loans are beneficial to customers and banks. Loyal credit conditions allow you to not limit yourself to buying all types of property or paying for services. At the same time, both individuals and companies can take out a targeted loan in Ukraine. For entrepreneurs, the most interesting loans are for opening, buying, developing and refinancing a business. Let's look at them in more detail.

The opening of the business

Credit for starting a business is one of the most popular. This is not surprising, because having your own business is a guarantee of financial independence. It can be a starting point that will lead to success.

Buying a business

A loan to buy a ready-made business is less popular, but also very interesting. If you know exactly what you want to do or, for example, have a specific business or franchise purchase in mind, then this option is for you. The fun is that you don't have to start from scratch. The basis is ready, you need to organize the operational structure of the business.

Business development

A business development loan will help you implement not only new projects, but also expand the volume of your existing business, as well as enter a new stage of development of your business.

The refinancing business

The refinancing loan provides for the use of credit funds to repay the debt on another, previous, loan. When, it would seem, there is no way out and the credit funds have run out, you can take an additional loan to repay the loan and revive your business.

Features and benefits

Each partner on our service offers different types of loans for small and medium-sized businesses. Loans for current activities are very popular in SMB, although there is also a growing interest in loans for the purchase of transport and equipment. There are state programs under which farmers are paid compensation of up to 40%.

We recommend that you carefully analyze the various offers and programs that banks provide. This way you can choose the best option for yourself.


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