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Poltavateploenerho in Poltava

This comment to the bill is optional. For instance, “My apartment”, “Parents’ apartment” “My mother-in-law's apartment”. It is rather convenient in case you subscribe for several bills from one company.

No commission

Without commission within TP «Month»

Tired of paper receipts? Receive electronic bills, transfer meter readings and store payment receipts in the personal account. Create a personal account >>

Internet connection and a bank card are all that is needed to pay for Poltavateploenergo using the portmone.com service. Payment can be made with a card of any bank in Ukraine, at any time, regardless of the location of the person. This is incredibly convenient, because now you do not need to spend time on the road and turn, adjust to the work schedule of the bank or post office. It's simple - two clicks and bills for heating, electricity or any other service paid.