KP "Kyivtransparkservis" in Kyiv

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Note: When choosing the Delivery Method - Email, the parking ticket is generated in electronic form. Parking ticket details will be reflected in the receipt. The electronic coupon is tied to the vehicle registration number and is stored in a single subscription database for the entire validity period. The parking inspection verifies the payment for parking services, having online access to a single database.

One of the problems for a modern resident of Kiev is paying for parking. Kiev is growing and developing rapidly, and one of the key areas for development is the introduction of IT technologies in the life of the capital. For example, now you can pay for public transport in the metropolis with a QR code or other non-cash methods, such as a bank card with NFC technology support or a single electronic KyivSmartCard ticket. The process of paying for parking services is also changing, which we will discuss in more detail.