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This comment to the bill is optional. For instance, “My apartment”, “Parents’ apartment” “My mother-in-law's apartment”. It is rather convenient in case you subscribe for several bills from one company.

Commission 1.5% + 3 UAH

Transaction is executed within 3 business days.

If you are served at standard conditions.

Register and pay this and up to 700 other services without commission the first 2 months after registration

Pay this and other bills for utilities, Internet, TV, security and landline telephone
without commission in your account in the promo campaign "Try it for free". Create a personal account >>


In the absence of a personal account, you need to contact bookkeeping by phone: (044) 481-01-13, 484-10-56, 484-10-61, 481-01-72, 484-10-71, 484-10-89, 484-10-81