Pay for utility bills and other home services for only 25 UAH per month

Pay for utility bills and other home services for only 25 UAH per month

Terms of the package «Month»

For just 25 UAH per month, you will be able to pay utility bills for two apartments without any commission. The «Month» package is valid for the next categories:

Utility bills





The savings calculator

Estimate the benefits of the «Month» package compared to the standard commissions.

1 apartment
2 apartments
3 or more  apartments

Payment of 7-9 receipts for one apartment

The average commission for services is

≈ 30-40 UAH

Price with the «Month» package is

25 UAH / save 40%

How does it work?

You have to go to your account and activate the «Month» package in the profile settings

Receive an invoice for 25 UAH for the first month of the package using and repay it

Pay for your utility bills without any commission

Questions and Answers

How is the payment for using the «Month» package carried out?
After activating the package, on the first day of each month in your account, you will be invoiced to extend the «Month» package. After its repayment, you will be able to make payments included in the package without any commission.
How do you know if the «Month» package supports the payment of bills of my service company?
You can check this in two ways:
  1. The package includes companies from the sections: Utility bills, Internet, Television, Telephony, and Security. If you found your company in one of the sections, the payment of its bills is included in the «Month» package.
  2. To enter the name of your company in the search line and check the name of the category to which it belongs. Then, you will need to compare it with the list of categories from the «Month» package.
What is the maximum number of bills that I can repay?
You can pay any number of utility bills, but a fixed payment for a package of 25 UAH will apply only to 2 templates from one service company. If you want to pay with the «Month» package for utilities of three or more apartments, then the calculation of the amount will be as follows:
1-2 addresses - 25 UAH
3-4 addresses - 50 UAH
5-6 addresses - 75 UAH, etc.
Why can the sum for using the package be more than 25 UAH?
Most likely, not two, but three or more templates of the same service company, which are included in the «Month» package, have been created in your account. Even if you didn’t plan to pay for it, the system fixes the template as a separate address and therefore your fee is doubled.
If you do not want to pay off utility bills for more than two addresses, delete the unnecessary template and contact our support service.
What should you do if the invoice for the package payment has not been received?
The sum of the bill for using the «Month» package is formed based on the payments that you made in the previous month. If you did not pay for the utility bills during this period, then the subscription bill was not generated. Just pay your utilities this month and in the first days of the next month, you will receive a bill for using the package.
Why do I see a commission on my utility bill even after subscribing to the «Month» package?
Going to paying off utility bills and other payments, you will see the basic payment terms, including commission. But at the next stage, while paying, if the company is subject to the terms of the «Month» package, the commission will not be charged.
Why is the sum in the invoice and the Tariff plan section of the Account different?
The sum indicated in the Tariff plan section is the projected calculation for using the package for the next month. Probably, you have now saved 3-4 templates of one service company, so the amount of payment for the package on the first day of the next month will be 50 UAH, not 25 UAH. If you plan to pay utility bills only for 1-2 addresses, remove unnecessary templates by the end of the month.
If you pay using a template through «Top up balance», will you not be charged a commission?
If the company is located in the Utilities, Internet, Television, Telephony, or Security sections and you make a payment using a template, the commission will not be charged.
If I don't pay UAH 25 this month, will I be billed two times next month?
Without paying the bill for using the «Month» package, you will not be able to repay your utility bills. Therefore, in the next calendar month, the subscription to the package is canceled. So, you will not receive two bills.
Why is the package connected on a prepaid basis at the beginning of the month?
The payment system for the «Month» package is similar to the principle of payment for utility bills — the subscriber fee is calculated based on the results of the previous month. Simply put, this month you pay for the volume of services you used in the previous month.
If I do not make any payments from my account of Р, will the payment for the package be charged?
If you pay utility bills on without any authorization, the system will not add them to your account's payment history. Considering that an invoice for using the «Month» package is formed based on the payments made, without their registration in the account, the payment will not be charged.
What happens if I pay for the package subscription, but I won't pay for the utilities this month?
If in the current month invoices from companies that fall under the «Month» package have not been paid off, then next month a new invoice for using the package will not be issued and you will be able to use the system for another month.
Is it possible to pay the bill for the «Month» package with bonus funds?
Yes, if there are funds on your Bonus Account in your account, then the fee for the «Month» package will be deducted from them automatically.
Why, after activating the «Month» package, some payments are still charged a commission?
Payment without commission applies only to those companies that are included in the «Month» package. For all others, the commission remains.
How can I find out what is the standard commission for the company which services I want to pay for?
You can find some general information on the amount of commissions on this page. To find out the exact amount of commissions for paying for the services of your chosen company, find it on the page in the catalog — the information will be placed in the blue block next to the "Pay" button.
How to stop using the «Month» package?
You can unsubscribe from the package in the Personal data section of your account.

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