Portmone.com has launched Apple Pay for e-commerce clients (06.06.2019)


Portmone launched Apple Pay for e-commerce

From 06.06.2019, all online stores and online services that use the Portmone.com payment service were able to connect accepting payments using Apple Pay. The service is already available on the websites of such companies as New Time, Domino's Pizza, GoodWine and others.

Thus, representatives of the Ukrainian business can not only simplify the process of paying for their goods and services, expand the circle of buyers at the expense of users of Apple devices, but also use the most innovative and secure payment solutions in the world.

Benefits of Apple Pay for business?

Apple Pay - Apple's payment system for contactless payment in stores, as well as for online payment on websites and in mobile applications of online merchants. Using Apple Pay is designed to significantly improve user experience, simplify the process of online payments and increase conversion - web resources by 8-30%, and mobile applications - up to 100%.

How to connect Apple Pay from Portmone.com?

The launch of Apple Pay, Portmone.com, was implemented jointly with Raiffeisen Bank Aval, one of the largest acquirer banks in Ukraine, while several other partner banks are already in the process of connection.

To directly integrate the Apple Pay method into an application or site, you must complete the following steps:

  • sign up and get tested with Apple Pay;
  • perform technical integration with the Apple Pay API;
  • perform technical integration with the Portmone API;
  • test the system on different devices;
  • run payments.

A simpler Apple Pay connection method (with no additional integration with the Apple API) is possible by including an additional payment method on the Portmone.com payment page. More information on integration is here.

Recall that at present, Portmone.com allows you to connect not only Apple Pay, but also such payment tools as Google Pay, Privat24, Visa Checkout and Masterpass, which you can apply for connecting by clicking on the link https://www.portmone.com.ua/b2b_dash/signup


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Customer Support Portmone Business:

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