As the war and the penetration of the Internet affected the online payments (12.05.2015)


As the war and the penetration of the Internet affected the online payments

2015 - a period of very serious changes in the approach to doing business. It must understand the owners and offline and online businesses. But what, exactly, has changed, and what to do next?

I'll start with the general trend. works in this field, where all indicators on customer activity can be measured. Therefore, e-commerce, more than anyone else, feel the slightest change in user behavior.

Ironically, but, despite the war in eastern Ukraine and the general decline of the economy, online payment turnover shows an unprecedented growth. The individual payment channels, such as, for example, P2P-transfers, show a monthly increase in two or even three times.

This is a completely sane explanation.

First, the number of Internet users is constantly increasing; penetration of online daily life has exceeded a certain psychological barrier, after which the start trigger "herd mentality».

Secondly, the war. As much as it may sound, but the war in the Donbas has created a massive demand for the service of money transfer between cards. As a result of this type of payment is becoming one of the key drivers of growth for all market participants. When will the satiety (and come it?), It is difficult to say.

For more than six months, we are seeing increased service request P2P-translations. And if people initially used this service for translation volunteers (army assistance, charity), now moves to the level of service solutions everyday problems: money transfer to parents, children, students, the repayment of the loan, etc.

Through our system users monthly transferred more than 600 million UAH. This figure can not be compared with last year's figures. Growth simply colossal.

More than twice increased the purchase of electronic tickets. And that's just in this segment, a year ago the intended trend, fully lived up to expectations. After all, there is a difference - stand two hours in a queue in the ticket office, or 2 minutes to buy the necessary tickets?

Turnover on utility bills increases exponentially. Over the past half-year growth figure was 148%, which means, at least on the consciousness of our citizens, and that they began to trust electronic payments. Indeed, in this respect the main stumbling block - the electronic receipt, which habitually people afraid.

The most important problem of electronic payment market has always been the lack of confidence of cardholders for online payments. Someone heard about scams and so afraid of someone, as I said above, is afraid of e-receipts, someone just still use the card only to cash funds at an ATM. All these nuances still exist and need to deal with them, so we work no end, even in the capital, where the audience is now the most loyal to e-commerce.

On the other hand, although the Ukrainian market and for the development of complex e-commerce, there are millions of potential customers. Therefore, it is now the prospects of finally becoming clear outlines. And jump in performance in selected service is directly linked to an increase in the level of customer confidence in electronic payments.

In addition to an online trust cardholders can identify these reasons:

  • increase in utility tariffs (here the situation is twofold: not only increased the turnover of funds in the system, but also the total number of registered customers in the first quarter of 2015);
  • imposing strict limits on the issuance of cash banks that actively promotes the transition from offline to online.

In the near future I see another trend - an even more rapid development of transfers between cards. We're looking for, what else, besides communal and recharge your mobile can make life easier for customers and become yet another business driver. A decision was very close. Now it remains only to actively expand the geography of services.

Instead postscript

An important shift in the e-business segment, unexpected for us, was the request for our services from the state. For example, a few weeks ago, together with the Ministry of Justice, we have opened the possibility of online payment and receipt of the documents of USR for entrepreneurs. The process of ordering and receiving documents online solves a critical problem - spending time on bureaucratic procedures. The user only once the company submits the documents and more state agencies do not attend. As a result, after the official launch, only for the first 12 hours it used by more than 500 people. And according to the Ministry of Justice, for the entire 2014 the citizens of more than 1 million times apply for certificates and other documents. So, I want to believe that this shift will become a trend.

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