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Sign up and pay for Internet, television and puplic utilities free of charge during 30 days!

  • control payment history
  • Use registered bank cards, pay secure and comfortable
  • Automated bill delivery to your personal account
  • Set up sms and email notifications in personal account
  • Create templates in two clicks
* - exept money transfers between cards, payments by requisites and budget payments

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Information for billers


To get more information about our services for banks — contact our account manager for relations with companies and banks.

Legal entities that bill their customers on a regular basis can use to have the bills paid with Visa or Mastercard

  • on web-site
  • on the Web site of your company
  • using your mobile phone
  • using Direct-Debit service — «Regular payment» (automated charge) from a payment card based on the agreements with customers

Benefits for your company:

  • your customers get new payment methods to pay their bills without visiting a bank
  • shorter payment cycle, as the time between sending a bill to the customer and his visit to the bank to pay in cash is shorter as well.
  • lower costs of billing and processing payments

Automated bills pay (Direct Debit)

so-called Direct Debit service (Regular payment of bills) has become very popular recently. When a customer signs up for this service, the system will charge certain amounts to pay electronic bills directly from the customers’ accounts (card or current). To sign for this service a customer has to fill in an application form on «Portmone» Web site or apply for it at Raiffeisen Bank Aval office. The customer has to confirm that he/she wants bills for certain services paid directly from his/her account. These applications are then directed to, and the system makes necessary payments automatically based on the bills received from the service companies.

This service allows service companies to significantly reduce payment cycle, as the bills are paid on the same day they are sent. On the other hand, this service allows customers to know that all their bills are paid on time. In addition, credit options often offered by the issuing bank, let the customer pay the bills even if the payday is later than bill due date.

Payment via Internet or using your mobile phone

For these customers we offer a service to receive and pay bills via the Internet or using their mobile phones. To do so, a customer has to sign up on the Web site and use his/her computer (at home or at the office) or a mobile phone ( to pay bills with a card.

No matter what payment method is used, the receipts for paid bills can be either mailed to the customer or downloaded from the website and printed.

Data exchange between is made electronically:

  • sends a request to the service company’s billing system to receive bills of registered customers (please note that does not have access to the company’s data base, or to the information about all bills)
  • Portmone receives electronic information about service company’s bills
  • Portmone sends a message to the company immediately after the payment
  • Portmone sends a list of payments for a certain date to the company for additional verification

Regardless of the method used, a message (email) is sent to a recipient’s billing system for immediate accrual of customers’ funds without waiting for bank payment, if the company chooses to do so.

The bank payment itself is accrued to a current account of a recipient (your company) on the second banking day after the payment was made. Please note that does not make the transaction. Your payment is sent by the Acquirer banks (Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukrsotsbank) directly to the account of a receiving company.

Financial conditions

A fee will be charged for this service. This fee is defined on case-by-case basis and is subject for negotiations.