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Here you can top-up your account in VEGA using a bank card VISA or Mastercard via

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Enter 9 digits: city code and telephone number, for example: 445072030
Not enough money available on the card to transfer money with the part of the money being on another card? Transfer money from one card to another online.

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C/A: {{receipt.bankAccount}}
MFO: {{receipt.bankCode}}

Paid {{receipt.payDate}}
Authorization code: {{receipt.authCode}}
ID: {{receipt.shopBillId}}
Card number: {{receipt.attribute6}}

AMOUNT: {{receipt.billAmount}} UAH
fee: {{receipt.commission}}  VAT included
USREOU: {{receipt.payeeZkpo}}
c/a: {{receipt.payeeBankAccount}} in {{receipt.bankName}}
MFO: {{receipt.payeeBankCode}}

Счет {{receipt.nameInCheck}} {{receipt.serviceInCheck}}


{{receipt.contractNumberTitle}} {{receipt.description}}
Paid amount: {{receipt.billAmount}} UAH

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