Online subscription to magazines and newspapers of 2020. (01.11.2019)


Online subscription to magazines and newspapers of 2020

The year ends. It's time to take care of your leisure time in the next 12 months. And what could be better than a fresh newspaper in the morning for a coffee or your favorite bedtime magazine?! helps you subscribe to periodicals throughout the year so that you do not "catch" the magazine you want in stores on the way to work or at lunch breaks. And you do not need to go to the post office, go through public directories and fill in a lot of complicated forms. Subscribe to your favorite newspapers and magazines right now. Online.

We have prepared a subscription catalog for 2020, which includes popular periodicals from Ukraine and abroad that will satisfy the tastes of the most discerning readers. And we are not just talking about children :). It offers more than 20 thematic sections to help you quickly find what you need: men's magazines, women's magazines, children's magazines and more. Auto, economics, fashion, business, science - the press for every taste. By the way, about the taste, there are as many as 14 editions about cooking.

How to subscribe to a magazine or newspaper?

  1. In the directory of services, select the category "Subscription for periodicals" and the subcategory "Printed editions";
  2. please select a publication and subscription period (press numbers in our catalog are more than 300, so use a rubric for convenience);
  3. add the magazine to the shopping cart and click on the "Add" button;
  4. enter your name and address, where you want to receive the press and pay for the subscription.

That's it. Now you can wait, read and enjoy.

By the way, for those who prefer reading from smartphones or computers, the Purse will help you subscribe to electronic editions. In this case, you will receive the press on your inbox.

And while you are still thinking, we have already chosen to read next year.


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Customer Support Portmone Business:

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