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  • Maxim, Kharkiv

    Every day I have a lot of work.I get home to 10 p.m.and all I want is to free my head especially from paperwork.I just choose the bill to pay and that’s all.I even don’t have enter requisites several times.I just save my time and don’t bother.
  • Snizhanna, Kyiv

    I litigated with Public Utilities Service Provider several years ago,but lost the case,because of not collecting all receipts.Besides that all receipts are delivered to my house,also all of them collected in became easier to control payments and also I can pay for all services in one place.
  • Inna, Dnipropetrovsk

    I was afraid that the payment will be more expansive,than usually,but contrariwise it cheap and easy.I can pay for all services on one website.Also I pay for my brother’s and parental apartments the same way,it is cheaper.
  • Vlad, Vinnytsia

    I work at home a lot,so cannot go out during the day,that’s why I’ve chosen deliver all receipts right to the door by courier or post.I doubted about legitimate of such kind of receipts,but all of them signed and stamped – nothing to worry about.
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