"AutoPayment" service

Please note!
This service is provided only for prepaid abonents.


To get status of AutoPayment – enter your number and secret code generated after completion of subscription for the service "AutoPayment".

Automated payments – always positive mobile phone balance

With "AutoPayment" service your mobile phone balance will top up automatically.

Balance of your mobile phone account will be topped up every time it reaches certain amount.

Without additional fee.

"AutoPayment" service functionality:

  • Quick balance crediting for you and your family
  • service is available only for pre-paid subscribers
  • you can activate or deactivate this service any time

For example,you can set that as soon as the phone balance (yours or your child) will be less than 5 UAH,it will be refilled automatically from your credit card by 40 UAH.


As a Login will be used your phone number in 380XXXXXXXXX format,and as a password – code AAAABBBB,where AAAA – the first 4 digits of your card and BBBB – last 4 digits of your card.

To verify the availability of your card and for security reasons,during the set-up of the automated payment Portmone.com will make two charges to your account,each to block 1 UAH.Note that this money shall not be debited from your card,it will be on hold for up to 30 days.The issuing bank will return this amount to your balance automatically.

Change service parameters

To change the service parameters (card number,balance threshold,replenishment amount),you must first cancel the service,and then register it again.


To cancel the service,select "Deactivate the service" and enter your username and secret code to confirm your actions.