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Information about cashback in the store

1% — for a paid order in Варус, Ашан, Таврия В, Novus, Фуршет, Еко Маркет,Восторг, МегаМаркет stores.

Waiting time for cashback accrual

Average waiting time for cashback — 30 days

Maximum waiting time for cashback — 60 days

Cashback is not charged

  • for orders placed through the Zakaz UA mobile application;
  • for purchases of goods added to the cart before moving from portmone.com;
  • when using third-party browser extensions;
  • if after payment, you refused to purchase the goods for any reason;

What to do to get cashback

  • make an order within one browser session;
  • add the product to the cart only after you go from portmone.com;
  • place an order only through the shopping cart;
  • disable third-party browser extensions and ad blockers or use a separate browser without any extensions.